The President’s Diversity Council (PDC) Membership

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President’s Diversity Council (PDC) Members

Paul Zingg President
Tracy Butts Chief Diversity Officer
Tray Robinson Director of University Diversity Programs


Access and Success


Gary McMahon (co-chair) Director, Chico Student Success Center (CSSC)
Chela Mendoza Patterson (co-chair) Director, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
Lupe Jimenez Associate Director, Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Program (MESA)
Maria Moreno Director, Upward Bound
Cathi Grams Director, Butte County – Social Services and Employment Services
Megan Odom Associate Director, Career Center

Education and Scholarship


Gayle Hutchinson (co-chair) Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Vincent Ornelas (co-chair) Faculty, School of Social Work
Lee Altier Director, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT); Faculty, Agriculture
Ann Schulte Faculty, School of Education
Jim O’Bannon Faculty, Construction Management
Madilyn Johnson Student, School of Social Work
Sara Cooper Faculty, Foreign Languages and Literatures and Multicultural and Gender Studies
Stephanie Hamel Faculty, Communication Arts and Sciences
Vernon Andrews Faculty, College of Business
Victoria Bass Coordinator, EOP Admissions

Intergroup Relations and Campus Climate

Joe Wills (co-chair) Director, Public Affairs and Publications
Mimi Bommersbach (co-chair) Director, Counseling and Wellness
Shar Lowry Staff, Associated Students Human Resources
Corinne Beck Sergeant, University Police
Young Cheon Cho Faculty, Communication Arts and Sciences
Keiko Goto Faculty, Nutrition and Food Science
James Luyirika-Sewagudde Advisor, Office of International Education; Program Coordinator, Academic Advising Programs
Farshad Azad Faculty, Kinesiology


Institutional Vitality and Viability

Maurice Bryan (co-chair) Director, Equal Opportunity and Dispute Resolution
Paula Scholtes (co-chair) Chair, Staff Council; Staff, Library Collection Management and Technical Services
Bob Alber Senior Associate Vice President, Advancement
Jennifer Meadows Faculty, Communication Design
Charles Zartman Director, Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies
Judy Bordin Director, Faculty Affairs
Jennifer Ryder Fox Dean, College of Agriculture
David Buckley Executive Director, Associated Students Administration Office
Ann Schwab Mayor, City of Chico;Staff, Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE)
London Long Associated Student Body President
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