The President’s Diversity Council

The President’s Diversity Council (PDC) serves as an advisory body to the President, members of Cabinet, and the CSU, Chico community. Its membership represents a broad cross-section of the university community (students, faculty, staff, and administration) and includes representation from the larger Chico community.  The PDC, with the full commitment of the Cabinet, is charged with building an institution-wide capacity to meet the needs of a campus that embraces diversity as one of our core values.  Our campus’ diversity efforts are guided by a very broad and inclusive concept of diversity that “extends beyond traditional considerations—such as those based on ability, age, culture, disability, race/ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexuality, regional and national origin, political affiliation, religion and socio-economic background—to include the intellectual diversity that is a hallmark of a great university” (Diversity Action Plan 1).

In order to advance the tasks and priorities outlined in the Diversity Action Plan, the President’s Diversity Council is comprised of four subcommittees, each focusing on different dimensions of the DAP and overseen by two co-chairs, and a steering committee, consisting of the CDO, the Director of University Diversity Programs and Inclusion, and the subcommittee co-chairs.  The PDC is responsible for cultivating a shared understanding of inclusive excellence, assisting in the establishment of benchmarks, and assessing and communicating our diversity and inclusion efforts.  These tasks will be accomplished through the efforts of both the steering committee and the four subcommittees.  Consequently, the PDC is responsible for identifying and communicating diversity issues and providing recommendations regarding our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Click to here view Prezi presentation on PDC.

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