Tim Wise’s “Is the Era of White Privilege Nearing an End in the US”

Two colleagues passed this link on to me within thirty minutes of one another, which suggests that folks will be discussing around the “water cooler.”

White privilege and anti-racist scholar Tim Wise tackles the belief that people should just “get over the past and move on”:

“Vast numbers of us, it appears, would prefer to hermetically seal the past away in some memory vault, only peering inside on those occasions when it suits us and supports the cause of uncritical nationalism to which so many of us find ourselves imperviously wedded. But to treat the past this way is to engage in a fundamentally dishonest enterprise, one that, in the long run (as we’ll see), is dangerous. Unless we grapple with the past in its fullness – and come to appreciate the impact of that past on our present moment – we will find it increasingly difficult to move into the future a productive, confident and even remotely democratic republic.”

To read more of the excerpt from Tim Wise’s Letter to White Americans, click here.

Thanks to Vince Ornelas and Casey Huff for sharing.

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