An Opportunity Not to Be Missed: Women, Leadership, and Success Panel

Women, Leadership, and Success Panel Discussion & Reception

Tuesday, May 1, 3:00-5:00 pm

Selvester’s Café

Come gain wisdom and insight from this panel of women leaders.  Hear how they prepared themselves for success in their leadership positions, surmounted personal and societal factors that have proven especially challenging for women leaders, and their recommendations for other women striving to be successful leaders.

The panel will feature

    • Lynn Gangone, Dean, University of Denver Women’s College
    • Mary Anne Villarreal, Associate Dean, University of Denver Women’s College
    • Alexa Benson-Valvanis, CEO of North Valley Community Foundation
    • Phyllis Fernlund, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs
    • Gayle Hutchinson, Dean of BSS
    • Kathy Fernandes, Director of Academic Technologies
    • Jennifer Ryder Fox, Dean of Agriculture
    • Maureen Kirk, District Supervisor, District 3 in Butte County
    • Ann Schwab, Mayor of Chico
    • Kathy Kaiser, Professor of Sociology, Chair and Statewide Senator
 Questions?  Contact Dr. Sara Cooper (Foreign Languages and Literatures) at
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